Special $260 on all Pre-list Inspections, Includes Sign!  
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Home Inspections - Pre-List Inspection

Are you planning on listing your home for sale in Albany, Schenectady, Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, or in the surrounding Capital District?  If you are, you may want to consider a "Pre-list" Inspection.

What is a Pre-list Inspection? 

A Pre-list Inspection is a full structural examination of the property.  House Detective will go through the property before it is listed and complete a full inspection of the home. 

Why should sellers do a Prelisting Inspection?  
  • It has been proven that Pre-list Inspections help sell the home faster
  • Discounted inspection price
  • No surprises when it comes time to close. Your buyer will have an inspection one, but you will already be aware of any issues.
  • A Pre-listing inspection could prevent any delays when it it comes time to close.
  • Potential buyers will likely appreciate your pro-activity with respect to you completing any necessary repairs prior to listing.
  • A much more attractive listing to buyers.
  • A sign in the front yard that reads  "This house has been inspected by House Detective."  

How does a Prelisting Inspection sell a home faster?

A Pre-list Inspection makes the home more desirable to buyers because they know it has already been inspected and any issues are disclosed upfront.  Sellers will not have to worry about problems that may arise when the buyers inspector looks at the property.  It might help the buyer narrow down their choice between homes by helping your property stand out. 

How much is a Prelisting Inspection discounted?

House Detective Pre-list Inspections are discounted $20 from a regular structural inspection.  For more information on home inspection pricing please see services and pricing

What is meant by no surprises?

If there are any issues during the Pre-list Inspection, it allows time for the seller to make repairs before the home hits the market.  Most of the time the issues are minor; cracked outlet, doorknob hole in the bedroom, etc.

After completing a Pre-list Insepection sellers can have their house listed with confidence.